Chronicles of trading in Corporate America for a waitress's apron during my very own quarter-life crisis.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waitress anxiety dreams

I thought I'd perhaps evolved beyond stress dreams about waitressing, but I still ended up having them while I was at my cubicle job, and I discovered last night that I'm still highly capable...

As you can see here, they never really go away.

Every time I fitfully logged into unconsciousness last night, there I was:  Staring down my section at a TGI O'Chilibees look-a-like, where three tables have been waiting for ten minutes to be greeted.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a high school boyfriend I haven't seen in ten years walking in with his parents (despite the fact that he lives in California now) and requesting my section.  It then suddenly hits me that I took a table in another section hours ago and forgot all about them; they're probably starving and covered in cobwebs by now.  No one has food, I just got sat again, people are glaring at me, and my high school boyfriend is so chatty I could punch him.

Instead of developing a hernia, I wake up, only to go through it again a few minutes later (after getting my cat to move, because she usually sleeps on my head).  At one point, I even got up, walked around, had some Gatorade, looked at Reddit... and then I tried to sleep again.  I tried to conjure up dreams about my adorable fiancé, puppies, clouds shaped like Mick Jagger, eggplant (why eggplant?  Not sure, but it sounds like a very passive and peaceful object).  But, no, I later woke up to the sound of a neighbor using a tablesaw after dreaming that I couldn't put any guest orders in because I hadn't been trained on how to use the computer system.  Blimey.

Oh, and quick update:  Like I suspected, we were overstaffed on Easter.  I had three tables all night and was sent home after only a few hours.  And I still made more money than I did for my double shift on Saturday.  No wonder I have nightmares about it.


  1. After going months without my favorite foods - ice cream and cake - I dreamed I was trapped on a barge (while my mother, who wasn't my mother, cleaned the sea water around it), and the only food available was ice cream and cake. I ran around the barge stuffing it into my mouth. The ice cream was in the shape of fish.

    1. Yeah, but you always have weird dreams. ;)